Quick way to Hem Pants

Have you ever noticed someone in pants that are too long and the hem is torn and tattered? Apart from “How untidy!”, have you thought “What a waste of a good pair of trousers”.

Ideally the best answer is to find a friend who knows how to sew a blind hem and persuade them into fixing your wardrobe. This can become costly in terms of cocktails on your next night out. It is understandable that not everyone can sew but there are a couple of tricks that can save not only your image but also a pair of pants and your money.

A short-term fix is double sided tape. This can easily be applied to the inside between the pant leg and where the correct hem length for you would be. Shorter trousers in an instant.  This is also very handy for when your skirt hem has come down and you only have 5 minutes before a meeting. Only one problem with this is if you wash in hot water it will lose its adhesive over time.

Double-sided Tape

The best trick I have found is iron-on webbing tape.  You simply trim the length you want and iron it on between the 2 layer: the pant leg and where you wish the hem to be. Just like magic.

Iron-on Webbing

It is most important to make sure you measure the legs against each other so they are both the same length. Monumental error – one pant leg shorter than the other! Or maybe you could start a new fashion trend. Not sure it would catch on.

The iron-in webbing tape’s adhesive holds well under heat from both the washer and dryer. It is inexpensive and can be found in major supermarkets and fabric shops.  This solution is definitely heaps cheaper and quicker than a tailor.