Most of us would love to have a fairy godmother to give us tips and hints on getting through the everyday, from Makeup and Fashion for Princesses to Cleaning and Etiquette for Cinderellas to Household Hints for Damsels in Distress.

My name is Kym Scott and I live in Queensland, Australia.  I enjoy sharing my inspired ways to simplify makeup, fashion and etiquette and apply useful time-saving techniques for cleaning and other household hints to give you the hours to do the thing you would really like to do.

My practical approach began when I found myself caring for my own daughter and my amazing partner’s two beautiful children and working full-time.  I was exhausted and frustrated trying to be Super mum to a homogenous family.  Many of these practicalities came about when I was trying to find solutions to needs in my own life.

A little word of thanks must go to the marvellous source of encouragement and information, my own fairy godmother, my Mum.

I would love to hear your ideas, tips or tricks.  Please email me on heyfairygodmother@live.com.au


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