Practical Stocking Fillers


We give our girls useful items in their Christmas stockings. After years of struggling to find cheap items to add to their stocking only finding that they broke, got lost or were not used at all, we decided that practical was the way to go. They were aged between 15 and 25 at the time and were warned that they would be receiving practical things that they would use not exciting gifts. They each received an expensive larger gift or 2. This was just treats. The only traditional item we continued on with was a box of chocolates which they have always received in their stockings. I try to purchase one thing for their stockings each month.  This adds up to around 12 items.

Each item is individually wrapped in a variety of wrapping paper, usually from offcuts. I wrap them because it adds to the excitement of gift giving. Each of the girls receive the same thing, just the colour or flavour differed. The items cost between 50c and $3 each excluding the chocolates. Many items I found were from the “I need …” range of goodies that cost 99c.
It has become one of the most entertaining times of Christmas Day and the girls have so much fun. They take turns choosing a gift while the other 2 quickly find their similar shaped wrapped item. They have a quick guess at what it could be. Then the race was on to see who can unwrap theirs the quickest. The room is filled with so much energy and laughter.

Ideas for what I have put in their stocking:
a box of chocolates
2 Ulta3 nail enamels
I need… Nail-polish remover wipes
I need… Face wipes
Novelty shaped emery board from IS gifts
I need… a Pedicure set
Novelty shaped lip gloss from Miki. (It came in a 3 pack that I split up.)
Bobby Pins
Hair bands
Scented candles
Hand cream
Face mask sachets
Note pads
Christmas Tree Ornament

I throw in a couple of odd gifts also to change the mix a bit.  It add to the fun when they try to guess what it is.
I need… Hand sanitiser (25ml).
I need… Lint roller (Handbag sized).
I know these are unusual but each of the girls said, “yes I do need one”.
If the budget permits I will find each of the girls a motivational or inspirational book and a small fragrance for their stocking


Have you any ideas for stocking fillers?